Nora Roberts, ” The Three Sisters Island Trilogy”

Faced with embracing their own natural powers – and finding true love – witches Nell, Ripley and Mia must confront who they are and what they must become. As each struggles with emotional and physical obstacles, a dark force threatens their progress. With Roberts’s experienced storytelling, The Three Sisters Island Trilogy (Dance Upon the Air, Heaven and Earth and Face the Fire) is a combination of love, rebirth and the supernatural.

Plot Overview: Love, Magic and Sisterhood

Seeing Three Sisters Island for the first time, Nell feels she has finally come home in Dance Upon the Air. After faking her own death and criss-crossing the United States to escape a sociopathic and abusive husband, Nell just wants to feel safe. As she cautiously settles into a new life on the island, she is befriended and employed by Mia Devlin, the owner of a combination café-bookstore. With both Mia and Ripley Todd’s friendship, Nell’s confidence and self-esteem soar, and she slowly opens her heart to love again.

Jove;,,9780515132021,00.html?Heaven_and_Earth_Nora_Roberts#Ripley Todd, deputy sheriff on the island, strongly denies her supernatural abilities in Heaven and Earth. When paranormal scientist Macallister Booke, or “Mac,” lands on the island to investigate its history of witchcraft, Ripley’s resistance takes a hit. The two set off sparks, recorded by Mac’s scientific equipment. With Mac’s gentle pushing, Ripley reluctantly takes control of her gift.

The most powerful of the three women, Mia Devlin, in Face the Fire, is a witch comfortable with her abilities. Sexy, confident and successful, Mia enjoys her life and her solitude. Having had her heart broken ten years before, she isolates herself from love and emotional intimacy until Sam Logan, her former lover, returns to the island. As they reconcile their relationship, Mia must make a decision: open her heart to Sam again and risk the safety of her friends and neighbors or live a lifetime without hurt – and love.

Criticisms and Compliments

Jove;,,9780515132878,00.html?Face_the_Fire_Nora_RobertsDespite Roberts’s storytelling abilities, The Three Sisters Island Trilogy falls just a little flat as it does not have as much passion of her other trilogies, like The Circle Trilogy. Rather, the trilogy is a little more ethereal, especially Nell’s story.

In most of Roberts’s novels, the villain is clearly identified and developed; in the case of the Three Sisters Island Trilogy, however, the antagonist is more abstract. Roberts usually excels at introducing abusive men and swiftly serving them with a dose of karmic retribution. In Dance Upon the Air, Roberts metes out justice against Evan Remington, Nell’s ex-husband, but his punishment feels hollow. Nevertheless, The Three Sisters Island Trilogy is an enjoyable read and a nice escape from reality.


  • Roberts, Nora. Three Sisters Island Trilogy (Dance Upon the Air, Heaven and Earth, Face the Fire). Jove, 2003 ISBN 9780515131222