Nora Roberts, “Born in Trilogy”

In Roberts’s Born in Trilogy, Maggie and Brianna have a complex, bitter relationship with their mother, Maeve. The only bright spot in their home life is their father, an open, loving man who adores his daughters. When he dies one cold afternoon in Ireland, Maggie and Brianna must face a future without him while trying to rebuild a relationship with their unhappy, emotionally needy mother. When they find Shannon Bodine, their half-sister, they – and Maeve – learn the true meaning of family.

Plot Overview: Sisterhood, Family and Art

Maggie Concannon, in Born in Fire, is a feisty, talented glass artist. Devastated after her father’s death, she seeks refuge in her glass house, creating beautiful and unique pieces of art. When Rogan Sweeney becomes her agent, Maggie must learn to accept love from its most unusual sources.

Jove;,,9780515116755,00.html?Born_in_Ice_Nora_RobertsIn Born in Ice, Brianna Concannon is her mother’s caretaker, though servant would be a more apt term. Waiting on her mother hand and foot, Brianna longs to have her own life as the proprietor of a bed-and-breakfast. When her dream is realized, and writer Grayson Thane comes knocking at her door, Brianna embraces love.

Shannon Bodine is a high-powered ad exec in Born in Shame. After her mother passes away, Shannon flees to Ireland to heal – and to discover the truth about her biological father. With art as common ground, Shannon forms a tentative relationship with her two half-sisters.

Criticisms and Compliments

Jove;,,9780515117790,00.html?Born_in_Shame_Nora_RobertsLike The Irish Trilogy, the Born in Trilogy is the ideal situation for Roberts, who is of Irish descent, to extol the virtues and beauty of Ireland. She writes with a certain amount of respect and awe for the country’s greenery, making it the perfect backdrop for a good love story. Roberts, however, does not focus entirely on romantic love in the Born in Trilogy; rather, the secondary story of the guilt and resentment between mother and daughters is the trilogy’s driving force.

Roberts is also known for research abilities: in The Villa, she wrote detailed descriptions of wine-making; in Born in Fire, she illustrates the intricate process of blowing glass. Her books are almost worth reading just for the education, but the love stories give them that extra oomph, that life behind the processes. The Born in Trilogy is excellent and well-written, worth at least a second read.


  • Roberts, Nora. Born In Trilogy (Born in Fire, Born in Ice, Born in Shame). Jove, 1994 ISBN 9780515114690
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